Tom Charron

Lowen Practitioner

Bachelor of Science (Physical Education, Montana State University, 1984)
Completion of Massage Therapy Program at The School of Integrating Shiastu, AK Nov. 1993
Wisconsin Licensed Massage Therapist (#4443 - 146)
Former Vice President of the South Dakota Massage Therapy Board
Over 700 hours of continuing education with a focus on Orthopedic and Osteopathic manual therapies

My career as a Licensed Massage Therapist began over 24 years ago after graduating from massage school in Fairbanks, Alaska. From the moment I started work as a Massage Therapist, I have focused on the treatment of those suffering with chronic pain and joint mobility issues. 

To remain up to date with the advancing knowledge and skills in this field, I have attended over 700 hours of continuing education courses, focusing on osteopathic and orthopedic manual therapy techniques.  Staying up to date helps me to assist you in achieving your health care goals quickly and efficiently.

Over the course of my career, it has been my privilege to work with people just like you.  People who are suffering from pain and loss of mobility as the result of an auto accident, athletic injury, surgery, illness, or overuse.

My goal as your therapist is simple;  Help you to regain your mobility, decrease or eliminate your pain symptoms, and to do so as quickly as possible.